The Missing History of Cure Theories

Today, there is no recognized theory of cure. As a result, we have no history of any theory of cure. There is no medical nor scientific definition of cured for all diseases. The concept of all diseases is not even defined medically nor scientifically. As I became aware of this, in mid-2016, I embarked on a mission to define cure, cures, curing, and cured — to create this theory of cure.

As I completed more than 5 years of research into cure, I have published a series of smaller and smaller books, aiming to get to the clearest possible definition of cure. TLDR? Here are the key points of the theory of cure:

  • An elementary illness has a single cause.
  • The cause of a present illness is a present cause, not a past cause.
  • An elementary cure addresses a single present cause.
  • Illness is a judgement. Cured is a judgement.
  • Curing is intentionally addressing present causes of illness.
  • Healing is unconsciously addressing present causes of illness.

The first book, A Calculus of Curing published in June 2018 and also published a colour edition under the name Cure, contains almost 300 pages in a rambling conversational mode, switching between discussions of medical theory, by patients and practitioners in conversation. It is a light hearted and also a serious look at the concepts of cure, cures, curing, and cured.

The second, The Elements of Cure published in January 2019 and also published under the name The Science of Cure is more scientific and theoretical with less conversation — and as a result is less than 150 pages.

In November 2019, I published a 27 page paper summary of the theory of cure, freely available on and These papers were updated as a result of further research and analysis on March 23, 2020.

This refinement process led to the publishing of the book A Theory of Cure, a more precise summary in just under 50 pages.

At each stage of this process, my understandings of cure were challenged and updated — often requiring significant changes to material that had been previously published.

After publishing A Theory of Cure, I started a process to create a one-page summary of the theory of cure. I wondered — is it possible? It turns out, no — not quite, or at least, not yet. This work forced me to refine and redefine some concepts.

I have prepared a one-page summary of the elementary theory of cure, the theory of curing elements of illness. Illness and disease are complex. A second page is needed to expand the theory to cover compound, complex, and chronic diseases. This summary continues to evolve, but the foundation is quite clear and solid. You can find it here:

A Summary of Cure

Unfortunately, my work to date has been entirely solo. I have a few supporters, but no real collaborators. Most people, on seeing my work assume it is about alternative medical practices, which is not true at all. The theory makes no reference to different medical practices. As a result, when it is viewed by alternative medical practitioners — they often come away baffled, having no definition of cure either.

If you are interested in working with me to further our studies of the theory of cure, drop me a note:

to your health, tracy
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