The C0V’D Failure of Bureaucratic Medicine

We’ve had C0V’d for just over a year now. Over 100 million of people have been infected. more than two million dead — although the numbers in every country are a bit suspicious, for the same and different reasons.

Recommended Drug Treatment for C0V’d? Nope

  • the CDC has no recommendation. It only recommends preventatives, not treatments. Seriously? Disease control does not include cures?
  • the FDA has approved Veklury (remdesivir) for certain C0V’d patients, for the treatment of C0V’d requiring hospitalization. Newly diagnosed patient’s don’t qualify.
  • The FDA created the C0V’d Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP) in April 2020, “to use every available method to move new treatments to patients”. New treatments for newly diagnosed patients? Nope. None.
  • the FDA stands for “Food and Drug”, but there are no Food recommendations if we have C0V’d, only drugs. (Sorry, not sorry.)
  • the NIH recommends treatments — for moderate or severe C0V’d in a document that has over 250 pages. But until the disease becomes dangerous — there are no recommendations. (other than isolate and wait-and-see). Note: If we have a mild case of C0V’d, the NIH document recommends against many treatments, but does not recommend for any. Does that sound like a National Institute of Health, or does it sound like a failing bureaucracy?
  • the World Health Organization advice for the public is entirely preventative, pages and pages. If we are diagnosed with C0V’d? isolate, keep warm, and stay positiveMost people infected with the C0V’D-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. There are no active recommendations for anyone who just tested positive.
  • We can find similar “non-recommendations” all around the world of medical bureaucracies.

If we get C0V’d, we’re on our own. If our doctor gets C0V’d? Same same. They too will be sent home little advice other than isolation. Individual doctors, friends, neighbors, and alternative practitioners might advise us to to eat healthy foods, or to supplement B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, to drink lots of water, or take medicines like hydroxychloroquine — against the advice of the bureaucracies.

  • If we do any of those, we’re on our own.
  • If we don’t, we’re on our own.

There is no official advice and no tracking. If we get sicker, and wind up in hospital, we might qualify for a recommended treatment, otherwise — nobody cares. If we are cured — or bureaucratically speaking, if we are RECOVERED, nobody cares what we did, or what we didn’t. No researcher cares what treatments our doctor recommended, or what we decided to do. CURED— we become a statistic (RECOVERED). There are no statistics for CURED. Dead, another statistic. What actions did we take? What happened as a result? Not statistically important.

According to the medical bureaucracies — it seems there are two different C0V’d diseases (not counting asymptomatic).

  • The one we have when we test positive, and
  • the one we have when we go to the hospital (C0V’d ARDS).

Stage 1: Symptomatic C0V’d — no treatment recommendations.
Stage 2: Hospitalized C0V’d — a single drug approved for EMERGENCY use.

Does this make sense? Actually, it’s a common situation. Most males over a certain age have evidence of prostate cancer that is not dangerous. The medical advice for BPH is wait and see. Serious action and studies begin when it is diagnosed as stage 2: prostate cancer.

There are no approved treatments for a person who tests positive for C0V’d — and it seems, there is little or NO ongoing research. Instead, we wait until the disease escapes and causes damage, before we try to shut the barn door.

The FDA is the official agency that approves drug (but not non-drug) treatments. It hasn’t approved any treatments for stages 1. It has “ unapproved” several. For example, we probably won’t be prescribed hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the USA. The FDA advises “FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for C0V’D-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems…Does not affect FDA-approved uses for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.” In many countries, we can buy HCQ without a prescription. HCQ was approved for emergency use in the USA, and then the approval was removed, in FDA speak “ Based on the FDA’s continued review of the scientific evidence available, the criteria… are no longer met”. Many doctors around the world recommend HCQ as early as possible against C0V’d. eg. Stage 1. The FDA says it’s not effective for late — hospitalization use. Early use as a treatment is not discussed by the FDA. The Lancet — peer reviewed study — confirming that hydroxychloroquine is not effective against hospitalized C0V’d patients? Retracted due to obvious false data. Patients who received HCQ earlier — before hospitalization were excluded from the study. Does any of this make sense?

TLDR? HCQ is recommended by many doctors worldwide for people with high risk of infection and for early treatment. It is bureaucratically not recommended for patients who have advanced to a serious condition, where it appears to be less effective.

Addressing Stage 1 C0V’d effectively is the only way to avoid Stage 2 hospitalization. What is the current best treatment for Stage 1 C0V’d? If we can cure Stage 1 effectively, then deaths become much less important. What do the studies show?

Officially, there are no recommendations other than isolate and rest. A year of C0V’d, and not a single recommended treatment for anyone who is tests positive or is otherwise diagnosed, unless they require hospitalization.

There are lots of recommendations. None are officially recognized, much less approved, much less government recommended. Steve Kirsch, Executive Director at C0V’D-19 Early Treatment Fund, writing on Quora, about the bureaucracies in the USA, puts it bluntly: “It couldn’t be more obvious that the current advice isn’t working.” and “ The good news is that we have evidence-based treatments today that can significantly reduce the hospitalization and death rates and reduce the chance of any long term impacts.” So, why aren’t they approved, why aren’t they recommended? Steve’s comment “ The advice you get from the CDC is very conservative based on the most proven science. The net result of those treatment guidelines is that in America over 20,000 people die from C0V’D each week.

The mission of the C0V’D-19 Early Treatment Fund says “ We’re on a mission to find an existing drug or drug combination that, when given early, reduces hospitalization and fatality rates by 75% or more.” The Early Treatment Fund says “ The Problem: Nearly all funded clinical trials today are focused on slow or ineffective solutions,” and “ Viruses respond best when treated early, not late. As a result, inpatient trials have had limited success because patients receive treatments too late

But, if we look more closely at Steve’s recommendations, they are restricted to drugs. What about Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, drinking lots of water, and products that are already approved like HQC and antibiotics? Nope. Not interested.

When we take a specific medicine, or nutrient, or other action at home and get better. Nobody cares. As we get worse — nobody cares until we go to the hospital. When we get to the hospital, nobody asks what actions we took at home. That’s simply not scientific, is it?

Evidence Based Medicine? Fail.

If EBM was interested in the evidence of success, successes would be studied. How could that be done? When a patient is diagnosed with C0V’d, we could:

  • do an complete medical assessment of the patient
  • give them advice on ways to improve their healthiness
  • monitor their status

We don’t need to do this for every patient to create a huge database relating early C0V’d to many health issues. The data pool is huge. We could easily, for example, create sub-groups that are given various recommendations that appear to benefit, like Vitamin D, Zinc, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, in various combinations. This technique is very, very safe. Vitamins and Zinc, in small amounts are healthicines, are not medicines. They don’t have side effects, they have health effects. But, there is no interest.

Evidence Based Medicine is stuck in the same drug model as our governmental bureaucracies. What does EBM have recommend to treat non-hospitalized C0V’d? Nothing.

I am not the first to observe that Evidence Based Medicine is a failing paradigm. Published medical research announces: “ How evidence-based medicine is failing due to biased trials and selective publication”, “ Why evidence-based medicine failed in patient care” and “ The Real World Failure of Evidence-Based Medicine” What do these studies recommend? Study the patient, not the medicine. Evidence Based Medicine suffers from the Clinical Studies problem — only accepting data from clinical studies is a form of blindness — ignoring most of the evidence, because it is outside of clinical studies.

C0V’d provides more evidence.

Non Drug Recommended C0V’d Treatment? None.

There is a huge amount of attention on vaccines? What’s up with that? Vaccines are medicines. Vaccines can be approved by the medical bureaucracies. In addition, vaccines don’t have to CURE any patients to be approved. So we have lots of vaccines — but no cures.

Most cases of C0V’d are cured by health. The healthier we are, the quicker the disease is cured. The less healthy we are — the more dangerous the disease. It’s the same for the common cold. We don’t need scientific studies — the evidence is clear in the statistics for every country.

According to our current medical bureaucracies, “ there is no cure for the common cold”. Even though almost every case is cured by health. According to our medical bureaucracies “ No cure is available for COVID-19. “ — the Mayo Clinic. All cures are documented as “RECOVERED”. What’s the difference between CURED and RECOVERED? There is no test for C0V’d CURED. So no cures can be found. There is no need for a test for C0V’d RECOVERED. So everyone who doesn’t die can be reported as RECOVERED.

If we want to beat C0V’d, we need to study the CURED patients. We need to study our successes, not just our failures. We need to increase our successes, not look for magic drugs to shore up our failures, while apologizing for the side effects and negative long term consequences.

We can beat Stage 1 C0V’d. We will beat Stage 1 C0V’d — with health, not with medicines. And then, Stage 2 C0V’d will fade to become only a minor threat to a few people.

to your health, tracy
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