COVID-19: Why do we have Vaccines but no Cures?

According to current statistics worldwide, over 48 million patients listed as RECOVERED from COVID-19. The number rises every day. Not one person, however, is listed as cured. At the same time, many companies are publishing successful research into vaccines for COVID-19. Why can we produce vaccines but not cures? There are two main reasons, both stemming from our medical views of cure and prevention.


Like the common cold, most cases of COVID-19 are cured by health. While our medical systems say: “ there is no cure for the common cold,” millions of people get colds and cure them — but nobody cares. There are no statistics of the common cold cured.

There is not a single validated report of COVID-19 cured. There are lots of claims and lots of denials. What about proof? Proof of COVID-19 cured is not possible, cured being undefined. There is tests for COVID-19 cured. Note: It is also impossible to prove COVID-19 “not cured” because cured is not defined scientifically or medically. No medical distinction is possible between a case of COVID-19 recovered, one in remission, and a case of COVID-19 cured. We can’t tell if any second case in the same patient is a remission or a new case. Without a scientific definition of cured, we can’t tell. But no definition exists.

Our medical systems often confuse “ is cured” and “ has been cured.” Medically, has been cured requires an approved medicine. Is cured, on the other hand, might happen because of natural healthy processes or from alternative treatments — but is cured doesn’t count medically, so it’s not counted.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19. Cured is generally not defined for viral diseases. Viruses are dead, so no medicine can kill them. Our natural healthiness cures measles easily, but medically, “ there is no cure for measles, “ according to the Mayo Health Clinic. The same is true of influenza and AIDS. It’s not about the virus. I’ve had measles. It’s cured. But, there is no scientific or medical definition of measles cured.

As we work to create a definition of cured for COVID-19, it quickly gets complicated. A case of COVID-19 can consist of several elements of illness. First, there’s the viral infection. However, we believe most cases of SARS-COV-2 infection are asymptomatic. Eg. They don’t progress to a stage where COVID-19 can be diagnosed. In those cases, COVID-19 cannot be cured. It wasn’t there. As the infection becomes more serious, it can cause many signs and symptoms, like a cough, possible loss of smell, and others, which need to be cured. These are other elements of illness, and some can be classed as independent diseases. As the disease continues to advance, there is a possibility of a cytokine storm, in some cases ARDS — Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, possibly followed by COVID pneumonia and COVID-Treatment PTSD. Each element of COVID-19 requires a unique cure.

Our current medical system has no concept of an element of illness based on cause. As a result, it has no concept of a partial cure, no understanding that a disease can require a partial cure. In addition, although cured is defined for pneumonia, it is not (cannot be) defined scientifically for loss of smell, ARDS or PTSD in our current medical paradigm.

We can decide to study cure and cured for every disease. Our medical systems and researchers have no interest. No one is exploring the concepts of COVID-19 cured scientifically. Everyone is busy looking for a cure (not defined) or developing a vaccine. The same is true of many diseases.

Most cures come from health, not from medicines. There is no generalized scientific definition of cure in any conventional or alternative medical theory. Curing COVID-19, and proving it cured, is impossible in our current medical paradigm. Curing COVID-19 is possible, but seeing it is not. The elephant is in the room — but we can’t see it.

Prevention, on the other hand, does not require proof. Proof of prevention is statistical. We cannot prove any individual case of disease has been prevented. It’s not there. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened. Prevention is statistical, as in the famous quote “ lies, damn lies, and statistics “.

As a result, it’s easy to develop a preventative: gloves, hand sanitizer, face masks, social distancing, and vaccines. The burden of proof is low. Fear drives sales. Failures are easily explained away, increasing the fear; the patient didn’t do it right, the doctor didn’t do it right, the preventative is not perfect, the disease is too strong, too unpredictable… and so on.

At the same time, preventatives are profitable, making money from every sale. Even social distancing sells floor stickers and warning signs. Everybody needs a preventative. The paradigm that ignores or dismisses cures and sells prevention is very profitable. Prevention is better than cure is a useful concept, not always true. However, it’s also a powerful marketing tool.

Preventatives are sold by marketing fear. BE AFRAID! There are no cures for COVID-19.

But, when someone has COVID-19, a preventative is no use. Preventatives don’t cure. Even after patients recover, we can sell them a preventative. Maybe they’re not protected. Generating fear increases sales.

Cures, on the other hand, are the most powerful preventatives. If we cure the infection quickly, it might cause loss of smell, but it can’t create a cytokine storm, ARDS, COVID-19 Pneumonia, or COVID-19 PTSD. If we cure the ARDS quickly, we can prevent the pneumonia and PTSD. Curing each stage prevents the next.

When we have COVID-19, cures are better than preventatives… But, most people only have COVID-19 for a few days or weeks. After that, they don’t need a cure anymore. But we can still sell them preventatives. Preventatives are constantly marketable, continuously profitable, a revenue stream that can outlive the pandemic.

A cure is a one-time sale, whether it works or not. A vaccine is a revenue stream. As long as we live in fear — even as the frequency of disease drops, profits can continue to grow. Prevention marketers need to keep us afraid, constantly reminding us to maintain constant vigilance — to keep us buying.

To your health, Tracy
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