I have many waxing friends. Some have spoken quietly, “I got my second wax today.” Some have posted smiling pictures of their hair free shoulder and face in a circle of flowers, happy, healthy images on Facebook and Instagram. When I see bragging, I fear they want me to join them. When I see the quiet ones, I fear some will get more than they signed up for. This dam emic is all about fear. That’s why we have fright checkers.

I do not fear the vid, never did. My first “two weeks being grounded “ came when I was…

Our current theory of cure isn’t working. When did it stop? Today, we can’t cure most diseases. Even when cured — few can be proven cured. The common cold, the flu, and measles. I’ve had them all. Cured. Over 99 percent of cases are cured, while medical theory “there is no cure for…” The same is true for many other diseases.

It’s not as obvious, but we can’t cure alcoholism, anorexia, arthritis, back pain, Crohn’s, cancer, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, gout, hypertension, heart disease, immune system disorders, even obesity, and many more. Cured is not even defined for any of…

Today, there is no recognized theory of cure. As a result, we have no history of any theory of cure. There is no medical nor scientific definition of cured for all diseases. The concept of all diseases is not even defined medically nor scientifically. As I became aware of this, in mid-2016, I embarked on a mission to define cure, cures, curing, and cured — to create this theory of cure.

As I completed more than 5 years of research into cure, I have published a series of smaller and smaller books, aiming to get to the clearest possible definition…

You didn't recommend anything? Truth and morals are relative. If your relatives support your truth, you are right. If not, you need to choose better relatives.

Truth and values come not from any absolutes, but from our communities (originally, our relatives mostly). Today, we live in many different communities at once. It's no surprise that we (and you) cannot find truths. We can't figure out who our relatives are. Truth and morality can only be found when we are certain of who our relatives are.

to your health, tracy

Founder: Healthicine

Unfortunately, current studies of pain are very weak due to two fundamental issues. First: The goal, in general, is to reduce or to remove pain. Pain is always seen as a negative. Pain is often healthy,. Second: Pain is learned. How we react to pain is also learned. Pain is a sensation we can learn to enjoy, sometimes in a negative way, sometimes in a positive way. And then there's chronic pain. Our studies of chronic pain are simplistic, based on the assumption that chronic pain is incurable. When it is cured - we ignore the cure and forget the pain. Chronic diseases have chronic causes. Chronic pain has a chronic cause. To cure, the cause must be addressed.

to your health, tracy

Author: A Theory of Cure

According to the 7 day average for last week — ending March 12th, almost 370,000 new cases of COVID were diagnosed and about 8500 people died every day. How many people were cured?

There are no statistics of CURED for COVID-19. Why not? Actually, it’s not hard to create them. First, lets look at New cases.

No current medical text defines a scientific, medical, nor philosophical theory of cure. I have just published the book, A Theory of Cure on Amazon in print and Kindle format. The theory covers the three fundamental or elementary types of illness elements and their associated cure actions.

As I wrote it, over a period of 5 years, I gradually became aware that cures are everywhere. Why don’t we already know this? I’ve had dozens of colds. All cured. I’ve had measles twice. Both cured. I’ve had influenza, appendicitis, and mumps. Cured. But cured is not defined. As I grew older…

Placebo effects are real, by definition. Placebo effects are improvements in the condition of a patient ranging from very weak effects that only make the patient feel better, to cures. What is their cause? The mind of the patient? No.

Placebo effects are caused by spirits. Not evil spirits, good spirits. Only some spirits cause placebo effects. Which spirits? Spirits of intention. Only intentionally good spirits.

Placebo effects are caused by caring, by the spirits of caring. When mom kisses a knee, the pain diminishes and fades. Placebo effect. Caring effect. When a nurse administers a medicine, the patient feels…

We’ve had C0V’d for just over a year now. Over 100 million of people have been infected. more than two million dead — although the numbers in every country are a bit suspicious, for the same and different reasons.

Recommended Drug Treatment for C0V’d? Nope

When we fail a C0V’d test, what is our medical bureaucracy’s recommended treatment? If we get C0V’d, what should our doctor prescribe? …

According to current statistics worldwide, over 48 million patients listed as RECOVERED from COVID-19. The number rises every day. Not one person, however, is listed as cured. At the same time, many companies are publishing successful research into vaccines for COVID-19. Why can we produce vaccines but not cures? There are two main reasons, both stemming from our medical views of cure and prevention.


Cured is not defined for COVID-19. This is not surprising. Our medical systems generally ignore cured except for infectious diseases cured by a medicine that kills the infectious cause. Even then, most cures are ignored.


Tracy Kolenchuk

Author: A Theory of Cure, The Elements of Cure, Author: Healthicine, the Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness

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